Thursday, January 12, 2017


i first discovered the pleasure of wearing a corset at a dressing service i visited in London about 20 years ago. An old trannie helped me off with my clothes, passed me a pair of panties and a bra, then wrapped a corset around my waist, and started to tighten the laces. At first it was exciting feeling the constraint around my waist. I have never had a fetish, but this was different.

But she didn't stop!! The corset got tighter and tighter and breathing became more and more difficult. Finally, she stopped and tied off the laces around my waist. I felt as if a huge clamp had been fixed around my body. I minced across to the full length mirror on the wall and WOW  i had a slim waist beneath obvious boobs!! my hips seemed to have spread,, and a had such a gurly figure. i was hooked!!! Okay,, putting on heels was nearly impossible, and breathing had to be re-learned, but hey, it was such a gurly feeling.

Since then, i have bought my own and love everything about it. It is white and black with loads of lace and bows , so femme and so sissy.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Back again - at last

Oh what a sad sissy i am. It has been years since i last posted. i have not been particularly busy as a sissy and that has made me very sad.

But ...................................

i am going to start to add to this blog as my sissy feelings have not gone away at all.

So sorry to all who have missed me. I am going to post a new entry tonight.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

More clothes

Oh, i must apologise for being so long in updating this blog. this sissy has been SOOO busy, sadly not on sissy things.

 So what next for a sissy? Well, what makes me squeal with pleasure most when worn are "heels". Oh, that delicious feeling of a slender tall heel under my nyloned feet, especially with a cross or T bar. Here are some i just adore.

Better in pink , tho!

These are stunning with the three straps. The sissy gets a bondage feeling as well!!

Of course, these are ideal for going out and flaunting ones sissidom, For work arond the house,